Digicore has been providing IVMS solutions to the most prominent players of the mining, oil and gas industries for over 16 years. We truly understand the importance and intricacies of safety, compliance and precision in these industries and have designed a one-stop solution for the same, The IVMS 2.0.

IVMS 2.0 is the next evolution in fleet management and safety It combines the best elements of IVMS with the addition of an AI camera containing ADAS and DMS to provide exceptional levels of context, proof and safety, both in-cab and directly through to the online interface. It is a single-unit revolution that is a be-all and end-all of all IVMS’ that offers versatility like no other.

Digicore believes in customisation and flexibility and provides customisable IVMS 2.0 options to match the requirement and budgets of all clients. It is compact, ready to plug and play, upgradeable, and can cater to any use.


IVMS as a specification has been a tried and tested method for keeping track of fleets of vehicles for over a decade. It has had some slight improvements and changes in that time, but its core function has essentially remained unchanged. It is great for knowing who was driving, when they were driving, where they were, if they were speeding and to some extent, how they were treating the vehicle. This is all highly useful data, but it did little to protect the driver.

That is until now.

IVMS 2.0 ushers in a new era of vehicle safety and compliance, offering everything that IVMS offered but now with greater detail, such as:

– Better feedback for drivers with the inclusion of voice-based in-cab notifications explaining what needs to be corrected
– Sounder understanding for fleet managers, by receiving videos of each event to understand the context surrounding them
– Better driver safety functionality with the inclusion of drowsy driver, distracted driver, and cell phone usage monitoring

Key differences IVMS and IVMS 2.0