Digicore FAQ page

Between our support team and all the demo’s we’ve done over the years, we have put together the Top 10 frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us, if you have anything we haven’t addressed.  

Q.1 How long does it take to install?

A. This depends on the make and model of the vehicle and the type of unit that is being installed. We have put together a table below with an estimation of time that it takes to install a unit. This takes into account the following;

  • IVMS 2.0 unit
  • AI camera
  • Driver ID with panic button
  • Seatbelt sensor 

Make & Model

First time install

Ongoing installs

Toyota Hilux 

40 mins

20 mins

Toyota Land Cruiser

1 hour

40 mins

Ford Ranger

1 hour

40 mins

Isuzu D-Max

40 mins

20 mins

Mitsubishi Triton

40 mins

20 mins

Add approx 20 minutes for the Iridium head which normally gets mounted on the bull bar


Q.2 Do in-cab alerts still work if I am out of Cellular range?

A. Yes they still provide alerts to the driver. The events get sent to the server once the vehicle and unit is back in range.


Q.3  I’m finished on site, can you deactivate my unit?

A. Absolutely we can. As we have a ‘no-lock-in contract’ approach, simply send an email to support@digicore.com.au with the unit’s details and a request for deactivation. Once the month in which you request the deactivation ends, there will be no ongoing charge for the following months, until you need it switched on again. 


Q.4 I just got my unit. How do I install, activate or turn it on?

A. Inside your delivery, we supply an installation guide with your unit, If you like you can download a PDF version below. Once you have installed the unit call our dedicated support team on 03 9945 2240 and we can enable and test that everything is working on the unit for you.

Download our installation guide PDF


Q.5 How do I run reports through Telematics Guru aka TG?

A. If you take a look at page 22 of the installation guide that you would have received with your login, it explains how to use the reporting side of TG. Otherwise if you prefer we can schedule a training session to run through using TG. Book a teams meeting here 


Download our installation guide PDF 

Q.6 How do I set up custom Geofences?

A. If you take a look at page 16 of the onboarding guide that you would have received with your login, it explains how to set up geofences on TG. Otherwise if you prefer we can schedule a training session to run through using TG. We also accept .kmz files that we can upload for you.


Q.7 How long will the unit last on the internal battery ?

A. A DART3 will last approximately 3-4 days in standby and 1 day if on trip. G120 will last 4-5 days in standby and up to 2 days in trip.


Battery on Standby

On Trip 




5 years



5 years



10 years



3-4 days

1 day

Vehicle powered



4-5 days

2 days

Vehicle powered



Q.8 With the camera’s installed, does this mean I am now constantly being watched?

A. No, only captured footage (due to an alert being triggered) will be reviewed. If for some reason a camera’s live stream does need to be accessed, it will be for one of two reasons.

Either to check that the camera is working for camera diagnostics reasons by the vendor, or for your safety in the event that an event alert is received that may warrant checking that you are ok. 

If the live feed is activated, the camera will alert the operator that ‘live streaming has started’ and when it ends with an in-cab notification ‘live streaming ended’. 

Please Note: The camera has no access to audio.

Q.9 Are my conversations being recorded?

A. No, your conversations are not being recorded. The camera’s microphone is disabled from the factory to respect your privacy and Australian law requires all parties to give consent prior to any recording being made. 

There is no ability for this to be activated at the camera level or remotely through the interface, and as it is not active there is no way for any audio to ever be recovered by any party regardless of circumstance.

Q.10 What is this camera for and what is it actually doing?

A. The Digicore IVMS 2.0 is a safety device, utilising advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to monitor the road ahead and in-cab. 

It will notify you if you are appearing drowsy or distracted, it will alert you of local speed limits and monitor for lane keeping, forward collisions, stop signs and more.

If an alert is detected, the footage and other metrics (speed, location etc) will be uploaded to the online interface for review in the form of a short video of the event. 

This will provide video footage as much needed context for the captured event so that the reviewer can better understand why a particular event occurred. 

You can also use the panic button on camera to trigger/capture an event that might occur in-front of you so that it is uploaded to the interface to be easily referenced afterwards.