Digicore – IVMS Compliance with No Lock in Contracts

Digicore does not believe in locking customers into contracts – nobody should have to pay for something they don’t want!

Most of our competitors require their customers to sign up a period of 2 years and we think this is patently unfair. Circumstances change, and if our customers have their contracts cancelled on them, then we don’t believe in leaving them trapped in a situation where they have to pay us irrespective. 

Not only do we provide our customers the flexibility to cancel, we also allow them to suspend an IVMS unit at no cost – this means that a unit can be temporarily disabled and turned on again sometime later, with no charges incurred in the meantime. We apply a very simple and fair rule: if the cancellation is done before the 1st of the month no charges apply, if the cancellation is done after the last day of the month then charges for the full month apply. (Under our fair usage policy we limit a suspension/ activation activity to once in every 3 months for any IVMS unit – we believe this is more than reasonable).

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