SANTOS Revised IVMS Specs 2023 for Contractors

Santos Energy revised IVMS Specs | Digicore

Santos Energy revised IVMS Specs | Digicore


We have got some important insights from our partners at Santos that we want to share with you. Santos has laid out specific guidelines for driver distraction and fatigue detection technology in vehicles, and here’s the scoop:


1. Santos wants this technology in both light and heavy vehicles, with some exceptions for vehicles staying on-site or within city limits.
2. The technology should provide real-time feedback to drivers to keep them on their toes.
3. Contractors are expected to regularly submit driving performance data to Santos, following their required format.
4. The primary goal here is driver safety – the tech is all about monitoring and alerting drivers to potential distraction or fatigue risks. It can also communicate with the driver’s leaders for further discussions.
5. Santos emphasizes the importance of having the resources to maintain the technology and integrating it into your existing safety procedures.
6. When it comes to reporting, Santos requires specific data, including fatigue events, distraction events, mobile device use, and seat belt exceptions if the technology can detect them.


For the full specifications and detailed information, please click the link below to download the document:

Download the Revised Specs Here

Remember, we’re here to make sure you have all the information you need. Drive safe, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!