The Importance of not being locked into an IVMS contract.

A large number of our customers have been severely impacted by the mining downturn. This unfortunately has also affected their ability to maintain their IVMS systems. At the same time, vehicles that are parked up waiting for better days do not need to be tracked and there is no need to have the safety feature of an IVMS system prevailing over them under these circumstances.

This is where Digicore is unique: we do not trap customers into contracts! Our view is that we are here for the long term and if our customers go through hard times then we are here to support them and this is why we allow them to suspend their IVMS systems without any costs. We make use of SIM cards that can be entirely suspended for any period of time, so when a customer parks a car up then we park the IVMS system up – until better times for all of us!

Many of our competitors lock their customers into contracts and charge them irrespective if the unit is actually active or not – this in our view is completely unfair and not in line with our philosophy of treating our customers the way we would have like to be treated in tough times.

IVMS is a cost saver in a working vehicle and now, more than ever, mining operators and their sub-contractors should have IVMS in their vehicles. Choose Digicore, the company that will be flexible when you need it most!