Car rental – Tracker or not?


The public rent your cars. Most look after them and bring them back – some don’t.

Every year, many rental vehicles are stolen or abandoned, so fitting a GPS tracker makes sense.

But there are two problems: the monthly fee, and the fact that you may be invading somebody’s privacy.

We have fixed both.

You can purchase and fit a Digicore tracker, then turn off the communications: no fees, no invasion. The tracker is still working it’s just not talking to anyone. Then if you need to locate your vehicle, all you do is call us – for $75 ex GST we will turn the communications back on and tell you where it is. In the event of an accident, we will also tell you how it was driven.

Both problems fixed, simple as that.

Call Digicore today on (03) 9945 2222 or email us at and find out just how cost effective it can be to ensure the recovery of any vehicle in your fleet.