“When installing a permanent tracker is not ideal, we also provide you with the option to simply add a battery-operated GPS tracker to a vehicle. Simply hide it somewhere not visible.”

Developed for use in mining fleet vehicles, light commercial vehicles, trailers and stationary assets, the DCA320 is a versatile yet cost-effective means of managing your fleet and also tracking valuable assets.

The DCA320 uses a GPS platform to provide real time tracking data within an average accuracy of 10 metres, with live data streaming via GSM networks. Optional dedicated satellite transmission is available for use in non-GSM areas to provide you with the most complete coverage area possible. Our leading mining and resource customers rely on us to track their assets, however remote they may be. Tracking information can be received directly, or routed to our Digicore Information Bureau for analysis, giving you the information you need to manage your fleet in a timely and efficient manner.

The DCA320 is an affordable and highly featured asset monitoring solution with user-friendly reporting capabilities.It boasts unmatched low power usage and minimal operating costs while leading to optimised fuel utilisation and improved vehicle condition and safety.

The DCA320 can operate for weeks on just the internal battery in untethered applications. This makes it an ideal trailer and shipping container tracking solution.

Advanced technology allows you to remotely configure and maintain units ‘over the air’ for minimal impact on fleet productivity.

Our units are built to withstand rugged conditions like mine sites, off-road conditions and long haul transport. So you know that you and your employees and assets will be in safe hands wherever they are.

You will be provided with SMS and/ or e-mail notifications when vehicles enter or exit designated “geo-fenced” areas. By setting enforceable off-limit areas, you can protect your personnel and assets from high risk situations.

Each unit has the capacity to store data internally for up to 3 months (depending on usage of the vehicle). This makes it ideal for use when regular communication methods are unavailable during extended periods such as when vehicles are out of mobile range. Customers can also use this solution for shipping containers and infrequently used plant and equipment.


The world-class DCA320 is strictly manufactured to ISO 9001:2001 quality standards and has full GSM type approval. Customers with tough and high risk applications choose the DCA320 for quality and consistency.

By detecting tilts beyond 45 degrees and impacts beyond a force of 6G, our unit will immediately record critical accident data. It has the ability to send out a distress SMS which can be relayed to any designated parties so that worker safety is optimised.