Digicore's IVMS solution is applicable on a wide range of commercial vehicles.

Digicore specialises in GPS fleet monitoring to enhance asset and driver safety in a cost effective manner. Our customers value the following solutions to their asset and fleet management issues.

Identifying Fleet Location

Our GPS tracking allows you to know the location of every asset at any given time so that your equipment and vehicles are where they need to be to keep productivity levels high.

Vehicle Condition and Lifespan

By tracking excessive speeding, over-revving of the engine, harsh braking and other parameters that may affect the condition of your fleet, poor driving behaviour can be logged and properly dealt with. Fleet lifespan is improved when driving habits and usage improve!

Driver Safety

Increased visibility into vehicle location, condition and other parameters means that your drivers will be kept safer.

Maintaining Vehicle Security

With full, up-to-date location statistics, safety monitoring and required driver identification, your vehicles will be secure at all times. Reduced accidents and incidents may improve your insurance position over time.

Combat Rising Fuel Costs

With rising fuel costs, it is becoming more and more expensive to maintain a mobile fleet. However, our technology allows driver and vehicle monitoring to ensure speeding and bad driving habits are minimised.Optimal journey routes can be encouraged and enforced to improve fuel spending and asset utilisation.

Customer Support and Response Times

Increase the level of your customer support and response times with simple driver communication, time-logging, and entry-and-exit location logging for proof of service and delivery.