IVMS and GPS for Local Government.

Digicore’s GPS fleet and on-site monitoring systems (IVMS) provide complete visibility to all assets to help you maintain a high level of public service. Local governments face compliance and productivity issues as well as seeking to keep staff and drivers safe when on site or travelling. Our GPS tracking and asset monitoring solutions help to meet and surpass safety standards and improve utilisation of assets.

Vehicle Security and Usage

With full, up-to-date location statistics and required driver identification, your vehicles will be secure at all times.

Immediate Vehicle Tracking

Our GPS tracking allows you to know where your trucks, cars and assets are located at any time. This allows for easier management, staff supervision and the best use of public assets.

More responsible asset management

Customer support and response times are radically improved with better driver communication. Also, time logging, and limits on where vehicles are authorised to be driven provide more responsible asset management.

Vehicle Condition and Lifespan

By tracking excessive speeding, over revving, harsh braking and other parameters that may affect the condition of your fleet, improper behaviour can be logged and properly dealt with to improve your fleet lifespan. This may also improve public safety issues.

Lowering Fuel Spending

It is becoming more and more expensive to maintain a mobile fleet. Digicore’s tracking technology allows you to monitor the parameters that affect expenditure on fuel. Better driving habits are encouraged by the ability to understand how vehicles are being driven. Staff and public safety can be improved while lowering your fuel costs!