Digicore’s History with IVMS

Digicore's History with IVMS

Digicore has become Australia’s best-value IVMS supplier: no contracts, excellent service and extremely competitive prices have made us #1 when it comes to getting widely approved IVMS at the best possible price!

We have over time rolled out Ctrack IVMS to thousands of vehicles all over Australia and were well established as an IVMS supplier to both BHP and Rio Tinto by the time many of today’s ‘wannabe’ IVMS suppliers (who really are just GPS suppliers) jumped on board.

Running IVMS ReportsOver the years we developed a suite of safety reports and we customised these for the different IVMS needs of our different customers. We prepare specialised Ctrack IVMS reports and have developed state-of-the-art Ctrack IVMS online interfaces so that our users can not only monitor their vehicle movements, but also monitor how drivers behave on mine sites. We have a unique and very dynamic reporting interface, so our users can choose when they want their Ctrack IVMS reports. It is not uncommon for a mine site to set up automated Ctrack IVMS reports to run up to 3 times per day and they can use our Ctrack IVMS report scheduler to change recipient details of these reports at will!

Today Digicore is Australia’s most widely accepted IVMS supplier and our Ctrack IVMS units are found on BHP, Rio Tinto, Santos, QGC, Origin, Arrow and Ichthys mine sites.

Our Ctrack IVMS offering is backed by a strong I.T. support team – this is due to our history as an I.T. company (see So, if our customers need customised IVMS or customised Ctrack IVMS reports, then we change things to suit their needs. Unlike many of our competitors, our offering is not a ‘black box as is’ IVMS offering: we ask what customers want and give them the Ctrack IVMS they pay for by tailoring things to suit their specific IVMS needs.
DCA 400 IVMS GPS Fleet Tracking unitIf IVMS is what you need, whether you need IVMS because it is mandated by a mine, or whether you are interested in IVMS for the safety of your drivers, then we are the people to talk to: Digicore truly is Australia’s IVMS leaders!Unlike our competitors that supply GPS technology with an IVMS add-on, we supply other GPS technology in addition to our core Ctrack IVMS offering. We are an IVMS company that also sells GPS tracking, not a tracking company trying to break into the IVMS market. Please look at our total product offering to see that we are not only Ctrack IVMS suppliers, but also leading GPS tracking suppliers, tracking any asset from light plants to pumps and even down to GPS Log Books: focussed on Ctrack IVMS, we will also use our IVMS experience to help track any asset!

Click here to download a suite of sample reports. (link to be added)