The Future
of In-Vehicle Management Systems

The game-changer in-vehicle monitoring and safety. We’ve combined an In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS 2.0) with Driver Fatigue and Distraction Monitoring (DFDM) in a fully portable state-of-the-art solution. 

a solution for:

Mining Companies: Those prioritising IVMS and DFDM for heightened driver safety.

Fleet Leasing Companies: Especially those with mine specification vehicles.

Contractors: Looking to meet the safety standards on mining sites across Australia.

Global Reach: With G150 compatibility, the NOMAD is primed for international operations.

100% portable easy to install and uninstall

HD Vision:
Dual full HD cameras ensure nothing is missed.

Heavy-duty suction caps for quick installation and removal.

The whole system fits into a convenient, protective case.

Components can be easily affixed to a variety of vehicle surfaces.

Hardware can be installed in unobtrusive locations.

The digital camera has minimal impact on line of sight.

Cables are clearly labelled for user-freindly and fast installation.

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