IVMS Components

This is by no means an exhaustive list of what is available with a Digicore IVMS system, however some of the more requested components and functions are below. Please contact us if your requested component or function is not listed, we are more than willing to assist.


Component Type of Signal Reporting
Global Positioning System GPS is made up of three parts: satellites orbiting the Earth; control and monitoring stations on Earth and GPS receivers.GPS satellites broadcast signals from space that are picked up and identified by GPS receivers. Each GPS receiver then provides three-dimensional location (latitude, longitude, and altitude) plus the time Vehicle position, time and trip information is recorded. Speed and braking rates are constantly calculated based on changing positions
Seatbelt Sensors (Driver) Driver Seatbelt sensor for IVMS Digital signal provided by detecting seatbelt usage either through 1) the vehicle’s OEM interface or 2) through a micro switch fitted to the vehicle’s seatbelt bases. Violations reported where driver seatbelts are not used, usage reported where passenger seatbelts are used
Seatbelt Sensors (Passenger) Passenger Seatbelt sensor for IVMS Passenger Seatbelt monitored when in use Record usage only. Report provided in weekly reports
Speed Sensor Speed Sensor for IVMS GPS speed calculation made by the UBLOX™ chipset within the Solo unit Speed is sampled and relayed on an ongoing basis and over-speeding (a single “Max Speed”) is reported as a violation. Over speeding on mine sites is calculated subsequently through geo fenced speed zones
Vehicle Roll-Over Rollover sensor for IVMS and
Impact Sensor Impact Sensor for IVMS
Is sensed by internal triaxial accelerometer Incident recorded and reported and detail data stored in the accident bufferOptional SMS messaging to nominated personnel. Report and recordImpact has 3 levels of detection, adjustable in millig’s
Harsh Acceleration and Braking Harsh Acceleration for GPS Fleet Harsh braking sensed by triaxial accelerometerand calculated by Solo unit Violations reported
 Harsh Cornering Harsh cornering for gps fleet Harsh cornering sensed by triaxial accelerometerand calculated by Solo unit Violations reported upon request
Over-revving recording over rev for IVMS RPM input from engine, with maximum revs calibrated against manufacturer’s Violations reported
Excessive Idling recording Excess idle for gps fleet Typically based on prescribed period of engine running with no vehicle movement Violations reported
Handbrake Monitoring Direct On/off contact from handbrake switch and is not connected to the ‘Solo’ unit Buzzer if Ignition is on, door is open and handbrake is not engaged
Driver Identification with Key IVMS has indicated that a new driver tag has been presented Unique serial number of key read by (optionally different types of) external readers fitted to dashboard. Notification sent to system where it is cross-matched with driver detail for purposes of reporting the driver’s name associated with the trip
Ignition on IVMS Startup/ off IVMS Ignition off On/off contact from ignition system Notification sent to system when Ignition turned on/off
Battery Power Sensor GPS Fleet Battery Tamper Unit continually senses external power input and automatically switches to ‘on-board’ battery power when external power is denied. Unit sends notification if power is disconnected. Battery Tamper Notification sent to system if power disconnected
GSM Jam Detection GSM Jam IVMS Unit if it cannot connect to the network on any frequency has an internal GSM Jam detection algorithm  Notification sent to the system once communciation re-established after leaving the jammed area
Health Checks Health check IVMS GPS Fleet  Unit can be configured to health check up to twice per day  Notification is sent to the system
 Illegal Movement Illegal movement IVMS  The vehicle can detect if it is being moved without an ignition on  Notification is sent to the system
Box Tamper Unit Tamper for IVMS GPS Fleet Tracking  The unit can detect if it has been tampered with in any way by internal algorithm  Notification is sent to the system
Panic Duress IVMS GPS Fleet  The unit has a duress alarm that can be installed into the vehicle  Notification is sent to the system An SMS can be sent.