Prevention, Not Reaction: A Look into Digicore’s Innovative IVMS Solutions


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In the course of our 16-year journey at Digicore, we have been dedicated to offering IVMS solutions to the heavyweights of the mining, oil, and gas industries. Our deep understanding of the critical importance of safety, compliance, and precision in these sectors has led us to design an all-encompassing solution: The IVMS 2.0.


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The IVMS 2.0 isn’t merely an upgrade. It represents the next level of evolution in fleet management and safety. By integrating the strongest aspects of IVMS with an AI-powered camera equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS), we provide an unprecedented level of safety, context, and proof, both within the vehicle and through our online interface. It’s a one-stop solution that offers versatility unlike any other.

Digicore Driver via Dash Night Sky Western Australia

At Digicore, we believe in individuality. We understand that no two clients have the same needs or budgets. That’s why our IVMS 2.0 is fully customizable. It’s compact, plug-and-play ready, upgradeable, and versatile enough to handle any use.

Our Managing Director Dan Bayley from Digicore in Perth Visiting and demonstrating IVMS 2.0 interface at Pilecom


Case Study example

Allow me to share a recent client experience that encapsulates our ethos of flexibility and customization. We partnered with a new client who required our solutions to meet Rio Tinto’s Group 1 specifications. The client had additional needs and wanted some adjustments to our system. True to our commitment to client satisfaction, we immediately tailored our system to meet their unique requirements. The result was a bespoke system that perfectly aligned with their needs. Full case study available here

And here’s the evidence of our commitment to safety: After installing our IVMS, we typically observe a reduction of as much as 55% in the first month on incidents related to driver behaviour. That’s a statistic that speaks volumes about our effectiveness.

reaction after having Digicore IVMS 2.0 installed

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What sets Digicore apart is our genuine care for our clients and their ongoing experiences. For us, a sale isn’t the end of our relationship—it’s just the beginning. We’re not merely selling a product; we’re providing a future-proof solution that evolves with your needs.


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So, here’s the ultimate question: Should it take a life-threatening event to prompt the installation of an IVMS system like Digicore’s?

We firmly believe in the philosophy of ‘prevention over reaction’. The surest way to ensure the safety of drivers and staff is action — specifically, the installation of IVMS. With Digicore, you can take control of safety and compliance, thereby safeguarding the most valuable asset: human lives.

In conclusion, at Digicore, we’re all about safety, prevention, and compliance. We encourage everyone to prioritize safety at all times. get in touch with our team by following the link below. tell us a bit about your business and let us do the rest.

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