The importance of IVMS as a cost saving.


During a mining downturn all mining companies are cutting back and daily reports of job losses and subcontractors going out of business are not uncommon.

What about IVMS – is this an area where money can be saved? Not necessarily. In the short term it might seem like an obvious saving to be had, there is after all the cost of acquiring, installing and maintaining the units, as well as the monthly fees. In the long run this might well become a false economy however. Why? The reality is that drivers, particularly on mine sites where there is less control, could abuse vehicles to the point where maintenance costs may well exceed the cost of IVMS several times.

Drive a vehicle too fast, slam the brakes on too hard and rev the engine too high, and components like brake pads, gearboxes and differentials are put at risk, not to mention the higher cost of wasted fuel.

Many mining groups today, notwithstanding the mining downturn, still install and maintain IVMS systems, many even compel subcontractors to install IVMS before they are allowed on site. The reason is simply that it makes sense: the savings in maintenance pays for IVMS and driver safety then becomes a critically important derivative at no extra cost.


IVMS, like tyres and brake pads, is simply not the product to cut back when it is necessary to save money!