Accident Buffer – An explanation

The snapshot (or accident) buffers record high-resolution data for the time around an incident. There are 90 seconds of speed and position data before the incident triggered, as well as 30 seconds after the incident. Additionally, G-forces on all 3 axis as measured by the accelerometer can be viewed for 10 seconds before and 10 seconds after the incident.

The above mentioned data can be set up to trigger on any of the ‘events’ of a CTOS unit, and any of the 6 snapshot buffers can be specified as a target to store the data when that particular event happens. For example, you can set the harsh-corner event to record data to buffer number 2, while the ignition-off event can be set to record to buffer 1. You can also set two events to record to the same buffer, but note that this will fill the buffer quickly.

Buffer 1 can hold data for 20 incidents, while the others can only hold data for 5 incidents. When the buffer is full and another incident triggers, the oldest data will be overwritten