IVMS and post-event accident investigations

A major benefit of the Digicore IVMS system is that it has the ability to provide second-by-second data for purposes of accident investigations. IVMS units record data a number of times per second, but not all of this is sent back-to-base as this will generate a significant quantity of data, having cost implications for both transmission and data storage. Rather than sending all information back-to-base all of the time, IVMS units sample data and only send back a small percentage. All data is however available and, in the event of an impact, data is copied and stored into what is known as an ‘accident buffer’ from where it can be accessed.

Correctly installed and configured, the Digicore IVMS unit will provide an abundance of information that can be used to provide a comprehensive post-event report that can provide information to both management and authorities – our IVMS system has in fact stood the test-of-time through a number of internal reviews and court cases!