GPS accuracy and IVMS

Our discussion today is about the accuracy of GPS, the required underlying technology for IVMS.

 “Why is the accuracy of GPS such an important thing when it gets to IVMS?” may well be asked. The answer is this: just about everything in IVMS relies on the accuracy of GPS technology. Get the position wrong by a few metres every few seconds, and it means that we are miscalculating the speed as well. Speed, after all, is calculated by subtracting two vehicle positions over a period of time. If a vehicle is here now, and there 5 seconds later, the old s=u + vt rule can be applied to calculate the average speed, which is exactly what is done. Get that wrong and the application of IVMS rules regarding speed limit enforcements go straight out of the window. Link this with disciplinary steps, labour laws and Australian courts that frown upon bullying employees and unfair dismissals, and the problem and risk become obvious.

Rather than us interpreting what is being done to keep Australia’s GPS as accurate as possible, we would like to invite you to read this very interesting article, with full acknowledgement and our thanks to the authors for what is a very easy to read and well-researched white paper: Click Here