Low cost asset tracking

Built around Digicore’s iS140/50 wireless platforms and the MaXx and C-track Online / Mobi2 interfaces, the DCA250 family of products provide the ability to track assets that have no power sources.

This unit is designed for harsh environments – With an IP68 rating, things like tracking your trailers, generators and light plants, and in fact any fixed or mobile asset, becomes cheap, reliable and efficient.

Simple Installation

The Ctrack iS140/50 Wireless is a re-deployable tracking system that requires simple installation and is available in rechargeable and non-rechargeable versions. Both have an extended battery life for periods without an external power source (up to three years).

Its rapid deployable features makes it ideal for tracking trailers, rental vehicles, boats, caravans, machinery, containers, palletized loads and other valuable cargo and assets. In fact, the uses of Ctrack Wireless are endless.

Simple and Effective Operation

Ctrack Wireless are portable devices that require no electrical connection. The devices are simply placed in a suitable location and you are ready to go.

Ctrack Wireless may be moved from one asset to another, allowing you to use the device on multiple assets.

This makes it the most cost effective theft recovery system. Insurance premiums could be favourably affected when tracking devices are attached to valuable assets.

Full Featured Web Portal

Movement, location, replay, reports and event alarms may be viewed via web based applications, Ctrack Online and Ctrack Mobi2. Integrated reporting via Ctrack Online combines other tracking products with full administration rights.

With a very competitive hosting fee and a low cost per message, combined with the ability to tailor the script to your choice, Digicore offers you a top grade tracking and theft prevention system, brought to you by world leaders in their market!

Contact us to discuss how we can improve your asset visibility and operation effectiveness with this simple, easy to use device.