Renting an IVMS unit

We sometimes get asked by our IVMS customers if they can rent units from us. We understand the difference between capex and opex and believe that we should give our customers this choice.

Safer together portable

The most common enquiry is for portable IVMS from subcontractors that win short-term mining contracts, but we also get enquiries for people that want to rent units that are semi-permanently installed into vehicles.

What has happened over the past few years is that IVMS units have tumbled in price and so have IVMS subscriptions. This makes it easier to simply buy the units, but there are still benefits renting IVMS units. The biggest feature is that this effectively provides an extended warranty. Where and IVMS unit is rented for (say) 5 years, we will replace the unit free of charge should it die under normal operational circumstances. Of course there is an onus on our customers to treat the IVMS units in line with other electronics in a vehicle, but the risk of providing an operation units shifts from the customer to us.

Digicore is the only IVMS provider that will actually help customers should they be forced to break a rental contract as we hate locked-in contracts as much as they do, particularly where IVMS units are not actually being used. Of course the hardware has an underlying cost which we need to recover, but we will waive the ongoing IVMS subscription should we get an early cancellation and this will bring a significant saving. Contact us for more detail should renting IVMS be something you wish to consider.

What about asset trackers and other GPS products? The same rules apply: easier and cheaper to buy nowadays but if customers prefer to treat any or all of their IVMS, personnel trackers or asset trackers as rented equipment then we will offer exceptionally competitive rental options.